Our New Medical Massage Chairs: Covid-Safe Self Care

Shoji Spa's Medical Massage Chairs are changing the game in COVID-Safe Spa practices.

The world around us is constantly changing, but we’ve seen far more changes than ever before after COVID-19 decided to take reign. In a time where we’ve all been forced to take our health more seriously, businesses of all shapes and sizes have had to adapt and overcome the hurdles that COVID-19 has thrown at us. The spa industry is moving towards more hands-free services such as meditation pods, salt rooms, isolation tanks and medical massage chairs. The human race has found that even the most unexpected tasks and services can become automated, and technology is here to save the day! 

At Shoji Spa and Lodge, we take the utmost care to ensure that our guests can receive the care they deserve in the safest ways possible. We have taken extra safety measures for all hands-on massage to limit the chances of spreading COVID-19 in our peaceful mountain retreat. 

Extra precautions are great and have proven successful, but what about our guests who still aren’t so sure about hands-on contact at all? At Shoji, we know that you can’t fully indulge in self-care and receive the full benefits of our mountain escape without being able to feel completely comfortable, relaxed, and at ease . That’s why we’ve invested and provided a brand new hands-off medical massage experience in our new zero-gravity medical massage chairs. If you are looking for a safe way to get a wonderful massage, you’ve landed on the right blog post.

What are Zero-Gravity Massage Chairs?

They’re pretty much exactly what they sound like! In essence, they are massage chairs that hold you at a position in which the effects gravity has on the human body are minimized. While your body is tilted and stretched to this position, a full body massage is performed completely hands-free by the chair itself. The chair performs an entire full body scan to ensure massage is fit to each guest’s unique body type, and the chair has an easy-to-use remote control for any further adjustments guests may desire for their experience.

How do our massage chairs feel?

The massage experience from our zero-gravity medical massage chairs is comparable and similar to how a traditional hands-on massage would feel. The main difference is that it feels like multiple sets of hands are massaging you at once! As you’re enjoying the sweet release of pressure on your back and shoulder area, you’ll also notice an incredible sensation as the souls of your feet are kneaded and rubbed. There are air cells located on your arms, legs, shoulders, temples, and shoulders that inflate to apply the most pleasant amount of pressure, and then release. Just when you start to notice the pleasing feeling from one aspect of the massage, you find yourself indulging in pleasing massage elsewhere. 

How to have the best Massage Chair Experience

If you’re considering giving one of our medical massage chairs a try, you need to do it the right way! To maximize your relaxation and the soothing effects of this medical massage, we recommend taking a soak in one of Shoji’s hydrotherapeutic salt hot tubs prior to experiencing your chair massage. The heat from the tubs really helps loosen up any problem areas so that massage benefits are maximized and results are intensified. 

Aside from the physical aspect of soaking before a chair massage, soaking beforehand gives an incredible opportunity to connect with yourself and to check out from any mental blocks that might be causing you to carry extra stress. Come visit our beautiful mountain escape, only minutes away from down town Asheville, and practice nurturing your emotional well-being. Call us at (828)299-0999 for booking!

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If you have a Large Truck or Vehicle, please choose to parallel park to avoid parking lot congestion.

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